CAE system manual for optimizing the development steps.
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CAE helps minimize errors that may occur during the mold development of a part by analyzing every steps of the design, tooling, and trial test.

It makes possible to significantly reduce the overall development time and costs by using the CAE.

  • Typical steps of the development

    • Product design
    • Mold manufacture
    • Prototype manufacture
    • Design change(Feed back Mold manufacture)
    • Mass product manufacture
  • The step of the development in CAE

    • Product design
    • (Structure analysis Injection flow analysis)
    • Mold manufacture
    • Prototype manufacture
    • Mass product manufacture
  • Structural Analysis

    1. 정적해석 1. Static Analysis

      Static analysis is the most basic in the structure analysis as A step of verifying whether the expected structural roles are or not stable by the external force in the validation step of linear and nonlinear way

    2. 진동해석 2. Modal & Harmonic Analysis

      Modal & Harmonic analysis helps check that a part has unique frequency and analyze the resonance point and the stress on part caused by the external force

    3. 과도해석 3. Transient Analysis

      Transient analysis is to verify the stress and the deformation by the momentary external force to the part

  • Injection flow analysis

    1. 충진,보압해석 1. Flow & Packing Analysis

      Flow & packing analysis helps find overall flow pattern, some information on a gate selection after designing a mold

    2. 냉각해석 2. Cooling Analysis

      Designing cooling line in the mold helps predict and control the changing temperature in a specific area

    3. 변형해석 3. Warpage Analysis

      Warpage analysis helps reduce overall development time and produce the best mold by predicting any deformation during injection

  • KOPLA 3D Printer


    • 1Modeling system
      MJP(MultiJet Printing)
      Simultaneous modeling for 3 materials
    • 2Modeling size
      533 x 381 x 300mm
    • 33D Printer
      2032 x 1219 x 1981mm
    • 4Available resin
      ABS-like, PC-like, Rubber-like
    • 5Resolution
      HD Mode : 0.03mm
      UHD Mode : 0.027mm
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